Where will LIFE take you?

A year ago, Louis Vuitton in this ad asked the question which the ancients have spent eons grappling with. The video already worth 600K views on youtube and counting, tells a story via vignettes, chiaroscuro, tight edits, and music that works beautifully when played in a movie hall with full DOLBY.


and think the unthinkable happened, Kerala Tourism  answered the call with this ad, a shorter version of which is playing out on various TV channels in India.


Do watch the videos, the first one has subliminal messaging for the soul, and the second, though long- sorry, couldn’t get a shorter clip, has a haunting look about it.

here’s what I learn.

1. The Louis Vuitton film, A Journey, a Quad Productions film, was conceived by Ogilvy, Paris, edited by Fred Olszak and the signature soundtrack comes from Gustavo-Santaolalla, the Argentine musician, till now best known for the soundtrack of Brokeback Mountain.

2. The Kerala Tourism film has been produced by Stark Communications, which conceived, scripted and then gave it over to ad film maker Prakash Varma, the same guys who made the Zoo zoo films.

This is where the world of brand communications and global idioms come together. An existential question posed by one of the world’s most desired luxury brands, finds its answer in God’s own country.

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