Se7en Deadly Social Media Sins

Se7en movie poster from imdb

The movie poster

This one is straight out of the movies!
And I see each sin (as in errors of judgement) repeated over and over again by Social Media Strategists, Digital Branding experts, Marketing Gurus and all colours of Social Networking enthusiasts.
But the baseline is Thinking Tools and Tactics instead of and ahead of Strategy.
  1. Twitter– Thou Shalt Not start Tweeting without an understanding of your goals – definitely not tweets about your cool twitter page skins, if you can help it!
  2. Facebook– Thou Shalt Not use Facebook Fan pages, ads, groups without understanding your target audience. Facebook is not a one-way listing channel, and if you have no conversations on your updates, it means your content isn’t relevant to your group.
  3. YouTube– Thou Shalt Not upload videos of talking heads, or glib demos, without thinking RoA ( new term? yet another jargon from social media marketers? RoA- return on attention! so what if 2 million people have viewed your vid, what does that mean for your brand, sales, business?
  4. MySpace– Thou Shalt Not create streaming media pages without an understanding of your competition using this tool, and where you fit in, esp. if you are a musician or a band, which neighbourhood are you in? most folks get lost in trying to figure out whether they are a fusion band, or into world music.
  5. LinkedIn– Thou Shalt Not create groups and send out random invites to random people hoping some will subscribe. There is one thing worse than networking, it is aimless networking. Be focussed, stay on the ball.
  6. Flickr– Thou Shalt Not upload random pix without thinking of viral impact. I could have mentioned Slideshare as well. same difference!
  7. Ning– Thou Shalt Not create networks without a plan to have a sustainable conversation with your network
There, I said it! The first thing and the last thing to remember about Social Media is that it is not about tools and tactics, it’s about Brand vision, goals and strategy. And, most importantly, how does the early adopters and mass influencers react to your brand’s claim to a small piece of your audience’s mindspace and spreads it virally.
So think, Target Audience, study their behaviours, track the threads that spread like wildfire, identify the key triggers and then, look at committing all the above sins and commit them well.
Wrongs become rights, when the regime changes!
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  3. Very informative post ! I must appreciate.

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