From myCrowd to iCloud- 5 Things iLearn from The Steve Jobs journey

There is so much out in the media about Steve Jobs, his iConic presence in the world of computing, music, movies, mobiles ever since he announced his decision to step down from his position of CEO of Apple Inc, that I thought I’d take a different take and write about what really inspires me about the man and the impact he leaves on lives of many across the globe.

1. Nothing is ever wasted: An insight shared by Steve, about a summer term he spent learning calligraphy before he dropped out of college. Steve, in a later interview stated that the reason that he introduced a number of fonts and templates into Apple Mac’s was that experience.

2. Down is Up: Something that most folks referred to as the -Steve-less years- at Apple when he was ousted from his CEO job, and found alternate plays in NeXT computing and Pixar studios. I believe, those years in the skunk works were Steve’s most creative, where he discovered the convergence of computing, music, entertainment in a completely new Avatar- animated movies.

3. Make things that people want- every one of the products that came out of Apple, were based on real people insights ( even if the people in the room were the 2 steve’s ;-)) Graphic User Interface, Mouse, multiple windows based computing, iPod Trackwheel, multi-touch iPhone, and now, a new category product- the iPad.

4. Make People want what you make- Build powerful niche communities and listen to them, so hard, that even if you turn out duds and work-in-progress buggy products, they still love you and believe that the next release fixing the bugs were their personal contribution.

4A. And Pay a Premium for- remember price is a positioning tool always, and keep the play at the level of the die-hard fan, so that the rest of the marketing is done word – of -mouth ( in the world of social media- on steroids) BTW, Apple doesn’t have a FaceBook Page or a Twitter account, their fans do it for them.

5. Leave when you’re winning- What a way to go! Steve steps down days after having taken the company from a niche player, also-ran of the 80’s to the dizzying heights of becoming the company with the world’s highest market cap on Aug 5, 2011.

Here’s another post from a friend who shared his journey in time, do you have a story to tell?

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2 Responses to From myCrowd to iCloud- 5 Things iLearn from The Steve Jobs journey

  1. Anonymous says:

    GREAT POST JAY – loved it – Rajesh Sinha

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