10 Questions for CSR Game Changers


courtesy: HEC Paris

I was at a meeting with Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, Director General and CEO of IICA. Dr. Chatterjee is known for the Chatterjee Model for CSR reporting in India’s public sector undertakings. This model, after much change, debate and deliberation passed into law as section 135 of the New Indian Companies Act, on April 1, 2014.

Dr. Chatterjee pondered, “It’s almost 24 months since the Act has become law, do you have 24 complete case studies to share for the students”.  The question is of import to me, as I am a trainer, and contributor to CSR content for the National Foundation for CSR, IICA, set up by India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

These students, are aspiring CSR professionals, who would be engaged across the corporate and development sectors to envision, strategize, implement, monitor and report on the CSR policies, projects, and programs, that corporates would undertake in compliance with the law, in partnership with the development sector.

In addition, CRISIL’s CSR Yearbook, states that 1,300 of the 3,850 companies listed on BSE qualify for CSR reporting under s.135, and 1,000- odd have filed their reports.

Can it be that difficult to find 24 cases of excellence? 

So, this then, is an open invitation. And the reason why I am writing about it is three-fold:

  1. Because I will be supporting the team which is writing the selected case studies
  2. Because case studies that are selected will pass into the CSR courseware of the IICA, as well as the ‘CSR Good Book’, no small recognition for the organizations that have already started working on this new paradigm
  3. The Indian law has no parallel anywhere in the world, and any corporate or development organization which has already started reporting in this manner, will have already established themselves as game changers.

Interested in being known as a CSR Game Changer? What then do you need to do to get yourself and your company/ organization onto this list?

Here’s the cheat sheet:

A. Your project should have started after April 1, 2014. If it started earlier, you need to be able to fill in this form with the information about your project. See Page 9 on this link: http://www.mca.gov.in/Ministry/pdf/CompaniesActNotification2_2014.pdf

Or view slide 15-16 on this link: http://www.slideshare.net/jvbakshi/the-21st-century-corporation

B. Once, you have filled in all the columns, with the numbers reported in rupee terms, you need to share the story in about 2000 words.

  1. Start with where did the project begin, as in who on the board, the 3-member CSR committee, germinated the idea.
  2. What triggered the thought? Was it an internal consensus, or from an NGO, or did anyone from the executive team like the CEO bring this to the board?
  3. When was this taken to the Board? How was it prioritized? How was the approval given?
  4. How were the beneficiaries identified? What baseline assessment or survey data did you gather before prioritizing on the project?
  5. What are the objectives of the project, in physical and financial terms? Share the numbers that you would like the project to achieve
  6. Who formed the project team, were they in-house, or were they from an NGO/ implementing agency? Describe them and their involvement
  7. How did they implement the strategy? How did they choose the implementing agency, whether it was a corporate trust or foundation or otherwise? How did they engage with the agency?
  8. What was the monitoring systems put in place? As in MIS reports, progress reports shared with the 3-member Board committee, who on the Board did it go to? What suggestions came from the CSR committee, if any?
  9. How did you involve the community where the project was implemented? How did you assess the progress, and who did it, was it internal, or did you have a 3rd party assessment agency?
  10. How was the documentation done? Did you share the reports on your internal newsletters, or via press releases on media, or were video clips shared on social media, was it captured in your company’s annual report?

That’s it! Just 10 questions to create a case study that captures the good work you and your team in your corporate/ organisation have already done. If you need help articulating your answers, let me know and I will get someone across to help you with it.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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