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J Vikram Bakshi @ HCL CXO Summit- Transcending Boundaries

J Vikram Bakshi- on Transcending Social Media Boundaries

Jay is an entrepreneur, brand marketer and social media evangelist, facilitating companies, governments and brands across the world to co–create their reputations and brand experiences with target communities.


Jay has incubated, mentored and scaled several start-ups in   Online Perception and Reputation Management, Social       Media Conversations and Commerce, global PR and media advocacy, digital asset creation and management.

Jay advises corporates on communication strategy, brands on social media usage, and governments and organisations on issues and advocacy.

Prior to starting his entrepreneurial journey, Jay has performed country leadership roles in corporates such as Nokia, Hughes Software Systems ( now Aricent), and HSBC and has led functions such as public affairs, corporate communications, community relations, pre-sales and marketing.

Jay is in media for telecom policy, marketing and retail innovation, social media and entrepreneurship, speaks on Social Media at CXO Summits, mentors entrepreneurs at TiE Startup events and represents IAN (Indian Angel Network) as Lead Mentor (incubation and mentoring) at various forums including as jury member at the British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur awards.

An active social enterprise mentor, Jay is a Trustee of READ India and an advisor to Business Community Foundation.



1 Response to About Me

  1. Joya Bakshi says:

    I don’t know much, but I think you are absolultely right! It’s the ‘non-violence’ thing which will bring a semblance of social justice, to the have nots of this unfair world. realising that they can reach right up there if they do try hard enough. That , many actually have , many many more than have been written about . No more ‘killing fields’ please

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