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Of Chili Chicken, Airplane Flights and the chase for Budget Papers

My personal connect with India’s annual Union Budget started when Manmohan Singh was the Finance Minister who was tasked to try and “kick-start the economy.” That was the headline in 52 point bold that ran across the financial daily I … Continue reading

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Hello World- Welcome to Data-ism

If there was one definitive book I read in 2018, which I want to refer to in 2019, it was Yuval Harari‘s ‘Homo Deus‘. And as I read this page-turner, a few thoughts stayed with me. Q: Why do we … Continue reading

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The Retail Remix

Last weekend was about entrepreneurs! Its become some kind of a habit for me to spend a day each week with startups. Saturdays turn out to be the best days. VC’s, and PE’s are winding down their mad travel schedules…a … Continue reading

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Co- creating with the Community- Satish Magar, Draft Land Acquisition Bill and farmers of Bhatta – Parsaul

“Can you help us make townships with our land?” asks Ajay Pal Singh, a farmer who has lost 300 bighas of land to Builders facilitated by the Greater Noida Development Authority in Bhatta-Parsaul. Lost? Says Singh, the Government (yes! The … Continue reading

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