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Are you M positive?

Today, I heard another pitch from an ‘entrepreneur’, and I was reminded of a similar exchange which I walked away from, some six years back. At that time, I had just put in my papers at Nokia, to start my … Continue reading

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There’s a library at the heart of the global village

Deborah Jacobs (@djlibrarian) was quick to pick up the comment I made, at the last board meet of READ( @READglobal), celebrating seven years of operations in India. Deborah and a bunch of others are part of a small and significant … Continue reading

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Co- creating with the Community- Satish Magar, Draft Land Acquisition Bill and farmers of Bhatta – Parsaul

“Can you help us make townships with our land?” asks Ajay Pal Singh, a farmer who has lost 300 bighas of land to Builders facilitated by the Greater Noida Development Authority in Bhatta-Parsaul. Lost? Says Singh, the Government (yes! The … Continue reading

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What does it take to be an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship, is about creating value for more people than your self. Providing a product or service, which changes or creates customer value, providing meaningful jobs, for creating the product or service, and providing returns to your investors, and that includes your family and friends, who stick by you through sick and sin, and last of all, YOU! Continue reading

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