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Not the Usual Yada Yada- an Open Letter to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all digital platforms

All social networks and search engines need to start seriously working on a common code of conduct, which keeps people safe online. And it starts with people understanding what they can share, and what they can’t when they sign-in, whether they can read English, or any other language or none at all. Continue reading

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7 seconds or less: Attention span versus first impressions on social media

“In the future everyone will have their fifteen minutes of fame”, thus spake psychedelic guru, Andy Warhol. That was 1968! And the flower power hippie movement was the backdrop, as was network TV in the US. Cut to 2015, and … Continue reading

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Co- creating with the Community- Satish Magar, Draft Land Acquisition Bill and farmers of Bhatta – Parsaul

“Can you help us make townships with our land?” asks Ajay Pal Singh, a farmer who has lost 300 bighas of land to Builders facilitated by the Greater Noida Development Authority in Bhatta-Parsaul. Lost? Says Singh, the Government (yes! The … Continue reading

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OMG! Social Media is EXPENSIVE!!

Time to do some myth busting! Myth 1: Social Media is CHEAP – for almost ZERO media cost and effort you can build massive Brand presence Myth 2: If people are talking about your brand on Twitter or LIKE ing … Continue reading

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F@$% FACEBOOK- BUILD your brands in NICHE Social Networks

I generally don’t use FOUR-letter words in my blogs, but this one is straight from one of the brand managers, I spoke with following FACEBOOK’s “taking down (of) the official India pages of fashion house French Connection UK and chocolate giant Cadbury’s … Continue reading

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Social Shifts power Social Media: 7 reasons I got from the Mid-East

“Amma, why do 17 of us have to live in this room? why don’t we ask the sheikh next door, if he’ll let us use his pool?” Ok! I made that up. Rather, someone who I was discussing the tectonic … Continue reading

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The 3C’s of Social Media Marketing- Are you co-creating your content with your community yet?

3 years back, when I first proposed Social Media Marketing to our PR and Online Reputation Management clients, there was a sense of dis-belief among the marketing mavens that traditional media could be dis-intermediated in the next few years. Today, … Continue reading

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Social Media Professionals- What makes U ACE ?!

This post (longer than usual) is provoked by a number of folks I know who are jumping onto the Social Media bandwagon. While corporates, businesses and organisations keep looking for how to maximise their visibility and awareness, people are becoming … Continue reading

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Se7en Deadly Social Media Sins

This one is straight out of the movies! And I see each sin (as in errors of judgement) repeated over and over again by Social Media Strategists, Digital Branding experts, Marketing Gurus and all colours of Social Networking enthusiasts. But the … Continue reading

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Where will LIFE take you?

A year ago, Louis Vuitton in this ad asked the question which the ancients have spent eons grappling with. The video already worth 600K views on youtube and counting, tells a story via vignettes, chiaroscuro, tight edits, and music that … Continue reading

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